Oye como va?

Négritooo vamos a canta … in short, as if one wanted to hear me in writing this but I kill myself to repeat, the Caribbean, its colors, its smells, its rhythm, its history became the spot of other highly educated, would say “the athanor” worldwide.

it started with Barack and his Caribbean tour there a few months, warming of US-Cuban relations, the visit of Pope Francis and Rolling Stone (in order), all with music of Ibeyi sisters, that just we love. (What talent, what talent but no!) And now, bim, bam, boom looks like Nico. Here we are.

Where Rihanna Barbadian were not too successful too lame despite his sublime backdrop of socca and jump in his annual pilgrimage to his beloved carnival. Politics, hey yes it still, bait and noticed a remarkable turn.

So yes, Haro to ultra consumption and stuff because it’s not good for the planet, and clearly there is a gap between the daily lives of Cuban and luxury claimed the French label …

But as the world turns to our “islands dust” and that he realized that not is not only the sand carioca brazilera but infinite world emerald waters set with small nuggets melt, we will not more sulk our pleasure.

So when Chanel and Karl have their parade Cruise in 2016 under the trees of the Paseo del Prado in Havana, we say that this is a sign, right?