The “strobing” is the new trend fashionable make up for the holiday 2016. The luminous complexion willingly got married with the contouring (ok yes, one word in “ing”, we promise this is the last) …  

it is to forget the tons of foundation products that build up in your bathroom and in your makeup kit to opt for a enlimineur which will give a fresh and natural as possible. Right now, this is the stuff of stars and twittosphere. Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Miley Cirus, all swear by this strobing … well you have to put it!!

What is it ?

It’s just a drift of the “contouring” but much much lighter and “glowy” are used fluids and iridescent textures that are harmoniously distributed on the curved parts of the face.

What products to use ?

For the complexion we use a BB cream or fluid foundation, liquid highlighter and compact the loose powder and blush a good preference of mine fishing matte.

On the eyes, it is played “clean” my chérieeeee, however, the eye will be working with a line eyeliner end we will degrade with a matte eyeshadow in gray tone, brown or taupe matte, a crew of cilia in the same tones and XXL lashes with volume mascara or false eyelashes

The mouth will either nude or while in tangy fruit tones.


Everyone can not wear this makeup and you must have an impeccable skin and imperfections near zero, kind baby’s skin, the girl who has never known the joys of adolescence, smoking etc .. . It is also a make up not recommended for oily or very dry skin … Hmmmmm … yet candidates? So we avoid it make up for the day and we will not hesitate to play the sexy strobing of death that kills the evening or when to wake up Kanye West in the morning.

Grandmother’s footsteps: At your brushes. !

By Séverine Moustin