There are artists that you come across and that strikes us without really knowing why …. Erik PEDURAND is one of those. Talented , of course, but as many others.

Except that Erik has that little something that differentiates it from others, but what is it ? One that can be considered as the terrible child of the new Creole scene has from his second album ” Creole School ” free his self from the Pop Creole , to create his own sound , still no assigned label , but … is its sound to it! Erik PEDURAND came to present on July 2 at the Atrium , the fruit of his residence last year in Biguine Jazz. A tribute to Mona , rock, afrobeat , groovy , with this own mystical man in bare feet , our ” fundamental negro ” Eugene Nilecam . Oh yeah, Erik musically while being dressed by exceptional musicians based in Paris , The … Keeys was also barefoot on stage this Saturday night there … that must be it !