Erik is a type, huge, with a little casually like that, but that “touch” everything that happens around him with his heart. That’s what an artist. A guy stumbled on planet earth and painted with notes-colors.
We had a great time, Erik, Rio Chateau which was the tofs and me. To discuss art, music, life while listening to the music that gets off.

I know, it’s small and simple just perfect hyper times. When a little egg chick who writes articles meets a great guy who writes songs that make love and cry, and one that flattened his imagination to picture this … it gives itv-shooting just for you … ( I love the closeness that develops there between you and me … you feel it? say? … lol)

What you can tell me about you?

I love sashimi, I am a very shy, it is sometimes sickly, I’m a fan of Kanye West, I love sarcasm, fashion and politics fascinate me, I hate cooking and I go out a second album February 2013 … (laughs)

Your biggest musical hearts?

Here recently I discovered a little gem, her name is Lianne La Havas, and it tears. Lianne before I was in my period Esperanza Spalding, Esperanza just before it was Gretchen Parlato, Gretchen and before it was Buika before Buika was MIA … Their common to all: they are young, very pretty and it is all the geniuses of music … I’m in love with all of ’em.
The song that represents you the most? Why?

“Tired of waiting” Patricia Kaas, it makes me sad almost automatically from the first notes. I like this artist for his haunting melancholy.

Stylistically you’re pretty?

Linen shirt, small panama hat, trousers, leather sandals … finally I would like. Where I live the climate allows me 2 months in the year.

You live between the Caribbean Paris, Washington … It is a bit complicated to manage all these time differences?

It is perfectly manageable, you know, put my bags and part of my heart in the United States was primarily a way to break smoothly with the Parisian metropolis and all she could not give me. I always say: Europe is a rock, America is a valley.

A good address for clothes guy?

“Logbook” is my favorite Parisian franchise with “Carhartt”. There are almost everywhere in the capital. Finally of course I discovered, thanks to you for that matter, the Guadeloupean Devaed creator Denis shop at 24 rue Richer 75009 (Showroom by appointment).

The part of your wardrobe that you love? (The kind you lose you are wretched)

A piece unwearable, a bomber jacket 50s with a shield of the American army found in a thrift store in Detroit.

A pair of shoes?

City high shoes leather.

For the second album, you’re surrounded by a brand new team. you talk to us of this renewal?

Each album history, I met Gwenael Ladeux bassist during a gig Jazz was hooked musically and decided to work together. We tried several team before finding this one, THE right. I wanted to sound a little different, more mature, even more daring. The musicians have understood and settled my songs with uncanny accuracy. I am proud of the quality of work we provide.

A creed?

“Tomorrow is a better day.”

by Alex