Thriller in the eye of a cyclone A night storm, two women compete, Leyna (Daniely Francisque) and Aline (Gloriah Happiness) in a ruthless struggle to unravel a secret that haunts them. untenable private session Cyclones breath life padlocked two women in turmoil, to burst the silence and take everything in its path.

With Cyclones, author and actress dares Martinique Daniely Francisque “interrogate” the secret, one that is rooted in a terrifying silence. She (de) shows the devastating effect of secrecy, which like a cancer, eating away anbafèy bodies and minds. This thriller combines thriller and horror story beats to the rhythm of heightened feelings of the two heroines.

An aesthetic manifesto The body and its movement structure the art of TRACK company (Theatre Artistic Search for Comedians in Karayib).

The staging of Patrice Le Namouric makes the body actresses spine of this live performance. Here, the words are embodied in an organic theater, where every look, every gesture, every posture stimulates the senses of pectateur invited to “de-construct” what he sees, hears and understands.

A Cyclones play in an unconventional place, offering a renewed vision of the theatrical arena. Circling closer to the characters – in a kind of “voyeurism modest” – the public has a point of 360 ° to better internalize the profound challenges of this cyclonic duel. Cyclones, a mighty work to discover this Saturday, May 7 in Guadeloupe.

Information: 0696 533 383