Nou lan bétise blan, neg, mulat

Comme si po moun té confésyon (…)

Oun gran criniè pa vlé di lion (…)

Pinga jujé bwa sou lékos

color ballad Haitian poet Emile Roumer

Light as the wing of malfini powerful as the roar of a strap voice toto bissainthe rises in the dark. This voice-casting begins each defilé Stella Jean “It is the cry of the gathering” the designer says.

A reconciliation Stella Jean, of Haitian mother and Italian father succeeded with a candid jubilation. The designer has experienced rejection in Italy in the 80s because of his skin color … the curse of Cham … heirs of his stylistic writing will be marked.

In the designer, the prints combine, their origins too. She invented the Wax & Stripes. fashion space where so commonplace, the tags explode as she explained in 2014 in an article for Figaro Madame

« I created this expression to show that we should not trust appearances. The wax, for example, is not African, it is manufactured in the Netherlands (in China also, Ed). But for the rest of the world is like the flag of an entire continent. Everyone thinks that the wax is part of the African tradition, but it’s wrong. It is a cultural colonization of the north from the south who deceives everyone. The wax, like skin color, is one of clichés, a priori.  »

Stella Jean, Earth is blue like a papaya. Zebra crossing Italian scratches and Taks Taks colorful (these typically Haitian taxis) land on the delicate hip Madonna. This borderless world seduced Armani, Beyoncé, Rihanna and the fashion world.

From 2011 the designer has won the contest of Vogue Italia Who’s on Next, September 2013 Armani proposes to Stella scroll inside the Armani Theatre. It is therefore understandable that sported by SJ t.shirt during one of his collections “Gracie Mr Armani!” In 2014, she was nominated by the Business of Fashion as one of “People that determine the global fashion industry in 2014,” 2015 is the year of superlatives … The hybrid print of the designer is now to assert themselves in the history of international fashion

The work of the young woman, a speech against colonialism a new genre? She always accurate in Figaro Madame

« For me, it is an approach against-colonization. For years, the south was oppressed by the north: it has forced people to change their customs and costumes to adopt the North. Nowadays, the trend is reversed. People of immigrant bring their own heritage. Like it or not, we must stop being afraid and start thinking in terms of exchange of wealth. »

True to its approach stylist working from his third collection with ITC “Ethical Fashion Initiative” at the World Trade Organization (WTO). Through this collaboration Stella Jean admits having discovered the true African fabrics. These tissues of Burkina Faso very special canvas entirely hand-woven part of the brand’s DNA. And as a snub to the labels is the Stripes (scratches) usually attributed to Europe, not the Wax is the traditional pattern of these African countries.

Creative in this new cosmogony not deny any contribution, this would certainly not betray his aesthetic manifesto than repeat these words of the Sermon on the Colonialism of Martinique poet Aimé Césaire in his account :

«I admit to different civilizations in contact with each other well; that marry different worlds is excellent; a civilization, whatever his inner genius, to fall back on itself, withers; Here is the exchange of oxygen, and the chance of Europe is to have been a crossroads, and that have been the locus of all ideas, the receptacle of all philosophies, the venue of all feelings did the best redistributor of energy.

But then I ask the question: Does it really colonization contacted? Or, if preferred, in all ways to “establish contact”, she was the best?

I answer no.

And I say that from colonization to civilization, the distance is infinite; that of all the accumulated colonial expeditions, all designed colonial statutes, all sent ministerial circulars, one can not succeed in extirpating one human value»

Stella Jean or pace as manifested for anti- colonialism…