It is tradition in the Caribbean in June , the swimwear. SOME Intrépides fashionistas go UP Sami to marry in all white suit on the beach design , wreath In the hair on it and find it too booty M3.

The advantage when one lives in the Caribbean is que le maillot Element is the flagship of our dressing room. Spend the modes, and this time on What Attends A return of high panties Too Annees 20 ( aussi we love ) , there guarding the coast against waves and winds, it is a bikini .

Martiniquaise brand Coco K’Nel Had created a buzz there are few Annees with this video. Heaven Radiant Last days of CES pushes us to this sexy throwback …

Yes, all the girls in writing to Have Decided to Put Sport after Having seen this video. #Cruel world You , what’s your style ?