Compared with Lancel, Celine, Hermes young designer Belgian-Beninese between Yeba through the front door in the ultra competitive world of high fashion accessories.

Yeba has ambition, and this is great, it has the talent! Discover his collection on his beautiful site yeba Essentials, between The First, The Signature, The Smart and The Friend, it’s simple we do not know or give head.

Is that, with its extremely modern and timeless cuts, the game of noble materials, the small signature, the “Y” discreetly placed in gold or sewn into a seam … These bags are exactly what we need.

The yeba bags are perfect for a declaration of friendship or love. A reward for the women busy careers of their armies to The First decisive meetings. Yeba is a story for all the women tells wonderfully creative:

“Yeba means – the one who is born to accomplish herself. This precious name refers to a brave and legendary queen from Benin who dared to change the rules and led her people to a peaceful life. Yeba is about a state of mind, a vision of life, an energy, an attitude. Her name has become our legacy, her spirit the essence in everything we do. Her story is ours, a modern story.

YEBA is a new Belgian Luxury Brand. Embracing this anything-is-possible- mind-set, we want to create ‘elegant & feminine’, yet practical, chic business essentials that fit into modern women’s lifestyles. The Yeba woman is confident and aspirational. Each essential she wears becomes a statement that reflects her personal drive. YEBA believes in inspiring women who live in the present and move towards achieving themselves.”